Month: September 2023

Grammar Fundamentals Samples – Original Edition

We strongly believe that the teaching and learning of grammar, language, and conventions are most successful when they happen in context, not in isolation. In other words, we want students to experience and understand language both consciously, through teaching and modeling, and unconsciously, through their own language development.


Schoolwide’s grammar resources always begin with strong mentor literature through Interactive Read-Aloud lessons to invite students to notice, and later identify, how conventions are used and sentences are composed. This process then connects to Mini-Lessons and real writing practice, where students can build and enhance their understanding of grammatical structures and conventions, to strengthen their use of language as readers, writers, listeners, and speakers.


*There are exciting changes coming to Grammar Fundamentals: Language Structures & Conventions in early 2024! 


Download Samples for Grade 3! Ask us about Samples for any grade!


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Decodable Texts Teaching Plans Samples

Schoolwide’s newly launched Decodable Texts Teaching Plans are easy-to use, instructional roadmaps designed to connect what the research tells us about what skilled reading looks like to how students learn best. Aligned with grade- and skill-specific decodable texts, our plans also give teachers and intervention specialists the tools they need to set the optimal learning conditions to listen, observe strengths and weaknesses, and respond to student needs as they advance their learning and mastery of reading skills.


Our plans are part of our comprehensive Decodable Texts Teacher’s Guides, which also include several appendices, assessments, short texts, and student activities.


Download Samples for Grade 1! Ask us about Samples for K and 2!



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Schoolwide Literacy Sampler 23-24 Digital Download

Schoolwide’s 2024 Literacy Sampler is here!


Download your digital copy of this year’s Literacy Sampler!


What you’ll find:

📖 An expansive menu of our K-8 literacy curriculum resources, including Reading, Writing, and Grammar (yes you’ve seen that right, exciting changes coming to Grammar! 🔜 ) and classroom library collections, including some fantastic culturally diverse libraries. Get a complete listing of book titles here. 

📖 Digital samples of our curriculum resources, including Interactive Read Aloud lessons, Mini lessons, assessments, and appendices. Get specific subject area samples here in our Samples & Catalogs center. 

📖 A view from our literacy experts of how our resources are supported by research-based principles and proven practices related to how kids develop as readers and writers

📖 An in-depth look at our professional development offerings, including some recent examples of the types of breakthrough work we do every day in collaboration with school/district leadership, coaches, specialists, teachers, and students


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Schoolwide Literacy Sampler 23-24 Hard Copy Request

Request your hard copy of Schoolwide’s 23-24 Literacy Sampler!


Schoolwide’s Literacy Sampler for the 23-24 school year is here!


In our sampler, you will find lots of detailed information about Schoolwide Fundamentals curriculum resources, our unique approach and newest offering for professional learning – Partners for Progress – and so much more! We’re happy to send you a hard copy, just fill in your info, and we’ll get it shipped to you as soon as possible!


We look forward to discussing all the ways that Schoolwide can support you!

Fundamentals Unlimited: What’s New in 23-24?

Fundamentals Unlimited (FundU) is Schoolwide’s comprehensive, easy-to-use digital learning and educational resources platform. With FundU, educators have online access to Schoolwide’s full suite of literacy curriculum products for Grades K-8, including:


  • 120+ Fundamentals Units
  • 10k+ Lesson Plans, Appendices, & Assessments
  • 1.5k+ eBooks & Digital Short Texts


We’re so excited about all that FundU can offer you.  Watch this quick refresher on what’s available via our awesome digital platform, as well as a brief overview of what’s new in FundU….and what’s coming soon!


Download some FundU overview slides below our video overview. 

Keys to Sustaining a Professional Learning Program That Sticks

Professional Learning is one of the most important responsibilities that Building and District Leaders coordinate and plan. Why? Today, a school’s success relies on its implementation of research-based and current instructional best practices. To improve student achievement and teaching practices, educators must also focus on integrating their own continuous learning in a sustained and measurable way.


While there is no debating the importance of professional learning, schools sometimes find themselves challenged to effectively deliver programs that “stick” and have long-term impact.


Common questions from our school leadership partners include:


“How do I keep my teachers engaged, motivated, and excited about long-term opportunities and growth through professional learning?”


 “How do I hone my own expertise and instructional practices in order to elevate my leadership and improve the ways I can support my teachers?”


At Schoolwide, we’ve been on a journey with our partners to uncover what impactful, sustainable professional learning programs look like. Designing meaningful plans has played an important role in forming close partnerships with districts we work with across the United States. We have found that when we can build consistent, ongoing programs, our work together meets great success.


Asking leaders to commit to ongoing support has revealed that this support can come in a variety of forms. We have always believed that professional learning is not ‘one and done’ but instead, a series of connected interactions—in person, on the phone, via email, or just a matter of stopping in for a visit at the end of a school day. These connections help to build trust but also reveal to our school leaders that Schoolwide has an invested interest in their educators, in their school community, and in them.


So what are some of the takeaways from the professional learning journeys we have taken with our partners?


Balance “Now” Goals with “Future” Goals


When Schoolwide works with both new and existing partners, terms like vision, action planningsustainable growth, and enhancing culture are often used. These accompany conversations about long-range goals versus immediate, in-the-now, concerns or goals. It is extremely important to distinguish between the two, so that district leaders can allocate resources appropriately and establish a communication plan stating the current goals for professional learning and growth, versus the long-range goals that will be realized over time, with support.


Lead with Positivity 


I have found in my role as Senior Director of Professional Learning and Partnerships that a critical component of this work is to both model and promote a growth mindset. While I have had an array of experiences, the ones that have reaped the most success are when leaders can share a message of, “We can do it rather than “This is going to be hard work, but if we don’t make this change, our scores will never improve.” Professional learning will only be as successful as the positivity that is shown throughout by all stakeholders.


Shift the Tone to Focus on Opportunity


Conveying the message that professional learning inspires administrators and teachers to build proficiency, broaden their knowledge bases, and gain expertise in their fields is imperative. Communicating that professional learning is an opportunity instead of a reactive response to a problem will go a long way.


Schoolwide recently created a new annual professional learning program called Partners for Progress. Read about the ways we collaboratively build custom “pillars for progress” alongside our partners to create professional learning experiences that lead to meaningful growth.

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