Month: December 2023

Schoolwide Launches the Schoolwide Shop with Foundational Footsteps Phonics Skill Builders

E-commerce launch brings a new line of products directly to teachers


Schoolwide is excited to share that we’ve officially launched the Schoolwide Shop, our e-commerce website designed to connect educators with a new line of supplemental literacy resources, all at a friendly price point. 


The Shop will create new opportunities for teachers, specialists, coaches, homeschool educators, and parents to have access to Schoolwide products to supplement and enrich their core instruction, provide important family literacy engagement connections, and create more responsive instruction for students who need specific opportunities for practice and skill reinforcement. 


Schoolwide’s first e-commerce offering is a new supplemental phonics resource, Phonics Skill Builders, part of the Foundational Footsteps line. Designed to strengthen K-3 phonics instruction, the Phonics Skill Builders series contains 6 different resources, each focused on a specific skill, including: Consonants & Short Vowels (CVC Words), Digraphs & Blends, Long Vowel Sounds, R-Controlled Vowels & Diphthongs, Multisyllabic Words – Syllable Types, and Multisyllabic Words – Prefixes & Suffixes. 


To celebrate our launch, all first-time customers can use the discount code FFLAUNCH15 to receive a 15% discount on your whole order!



Visit to learn more!


More About Foundational Footsteps Phonics Skill Builders


Foundational Footsteps Phonics Skill Builders are here! This new-to-market supplemental resource is made to enhance phonics instruction in K-3 classrooms (and at home!) by targeting specific skills that young readers must master on their path to learning how to read. 


🎯 Key Features and Benefits:


✅ Your Go-To Supplemental Phonics Resource: experience the ease of having comprehensive, skill-specific introductory lessons, assessments, cumulative reviews, decodable texts, engaging activities, and more in a single supplemental resource. A fantastic addition to your core instruction!


💰 Friendly Price Point: affordable for teachers, coaches, specialists, parents, and homeschool educators, making quality phonics instruction accessible to all.


📚 Connecting Skill Mastery to Reading: give students opportunities to practice specific phonics skills with engaging activities, decodable texts, and skill reviews.


🏫 Classroom or Home Use: perfect for classroom instruction or at-home learning, creating opportunities for family literacy engagement.


🔍 Suitable for Various Learning Styles: accommodate diverse learners with engaging activities that cater to different learning preferences.


📝 Easy-to-Follow Lessons: step-by-step, explicit introductory lessons that make teaching phonics more intuitive.


👉 Check out the link below to visit our shop and buy yours today!


Shop Foundational Footsteps > >

Foundational Footsteps Phonics Skill Builders Sample

Schoolwide’s Foundational Footsteps Phonics Skill Builders are here! For more information and to shop this new line of supplemental phonics resources, visit the newly launched Schoolwide Shop!


If you’re interested in downloading a preview of one of our Phonics Skill Builders resources, sold exclusively in print, enter your details below. You’ll receive a preview with the opening letter and table of contents to get a view of everything that’s included! Don’t forget to visit to purchase yours!


Read more about our e-commerce launch right here!


Download the Foundational Footsteps Phonics Skill Builders Overview here.


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