Month: January 2024

Decodable Texts Classroom Libraries & Teaching Plans

Schoolwide offers a range of engaging supplemental resources for phonics and foundational skills that give teachers the differentiated instruction opportunities needed most in the important stages of emergent reader development. Our resources easily align with any core ELA program.


With the increased focus on the Science of Reading in classrooms, we’ve thoughtfully designed a set of supplemental resources to bring specific science-based skills and strategies to life, particularly in support of small-group, tier 2 intervention, and independent and partner reading and practice. We combine robust instructional guides that emphasize professional learning opportunities for teachers and targeted student support, with carefully curated, skills-focused decodable texts collections selected from a group of best-in-class publishers.


Our decodables, which can be purchased alongside instructional Teaching Plans or in classroom library sets, are truly decodable, have diverse stories and characters, include multi-genre reading experiences (including nonfiction!), and allow students to practice and apply skills with real texts. 


Tell us more about how our resources and/or our team of experts can support you!

Webinar: “Students as Writers” – Creating a Community of Writers

We’re excited to host an upcoming webinar “Students as Writers”: Creating a Community of Writers on Thursday, February 4th, 2024.


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More about the webinar:


One of the best ways to inspire students to believe that there is a writer inside of them is to surround and immerse them in experiences of others’ writing – whether that be through mentor texts or examples of other student writing. During this webinar, educators will learn about the power of developing a true writing community – one that learns, analyzes, discusses, and celebrates different forms of writing together – and the positive outcomes this has on student writing. 


The session will answer questions like:


  • How do we, as leaders and educators, create an environment where students see themselves as authors and writers? In effect, changing our mindset from “teaching writing” to “nurturing writers”. Hear about real examples from our partners!
  • How do the themes of community, identity, and goal-setting contribute to student learning and growth as writers?
  • How does an effective, collaborative writing process enable students to become confident in the process of crafting their own pieces of writing? Learn about Schoolwide’s writing process, including the important focus on, and first stage of Immersion and “reading like a writer”. 
  • What does success look like? Hear from our partners about their experiences!

Genesee County Literacy Conference 2024

Schoolwide will be attending the Genesee County Literacy Conference on Saturday, January 27th, 2024, hosted by Genesee Intermediate School District. 


If you’re in the area, we’d love to meet with you to discuss your needs for reading, writing, and grammar curriculum resources and professional learning for administrators, teachers, coaches, and specialists. 


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