Month: March 2024

Webinar Recording: “Ask the Creators” All About Grammar Fundamentals

We’re so excited to share the next generation of Schoolwide’s grammar resources, Grammar Fundamentals: Language Structures & Conventions.


Check out our Q&A recently hosted with the creators and product leads, Pat Pollack and Rory Cohen. In this, you’ll learn about:


* Why we created the next generation of Grammar Fundamentals

* Our standards-aligned strands

* Our new lesson design

* Implementation models for Grammar Fundamentals

* Supports & scaffolds for Multilingual Learners

* Types of assessments available

* Additional FAQs


Watch the intro below and get access to the full set of recordings (playlist).

NYC ShopDOE & FAMIS: Phonics & Foundational Skills Resources

Schoolwide supplemental resources for phonics and foundational skills are now available to purchase through NYC’s ShopDOE/FAMIS


Vendor: Schoolwide, Inc.

Vendor #: SCH195000

Contract #: 7000963


NYC educators can now access our Decodable Texts Teacher’s Guides and Foundational Footsteps Phonics Skill Builders series by searching “Schoolwide, Inc.” on ShopDOE.


Learn more about these resources.


Schoolwide offers a range of engaging supplemental resources for phonics and foundational skills that give teachers the differentiated instruction opportunities needed most in the important stages of emergent reader development. Our resources easily align with any core ELA instruction or phonics program, including SIPPS, Really Great Reading, UFLI Foundations, and Fundations. 


With the increased focus on the Science of Reading in classrooms, we’ve thoughtfully designed a set of supplemental resources to bring specific science-based skills and strategies to life, particularly in support of small-group, tier 2 intervention, and independent and partner reading and practice. 


Tell us more about how our resources and/or our team of experts can support you!

Grammar Fundamentals: Language Structures & Conventions Lesson Samples

The next generation of Schoolwide’s grammar resources, Grammar Fundamentals: Language Structures & Conventions is here! We’re thrilled to offer revised units for Grades K-5.


Schoolwide’s Grammar Fundamentals resources empower students to experience and build knowledge of language through exposure to grammatical concepts and conventions, models of rich literature and writing examples, and through their own authentic written and spoken language experiences.


Our accessible, intuitively designed lesson formats give teachers the flexibility to embed grammar learning directly in writing instruction, or create an effective and manageable integration of grammar skills into an already established literacy block.


Read more about the launch of Grammar Fundamentals: Language Structures & Conventions. 


Get our Grammar Fundamentals overview here.


Get your lesson samples, complete with Grade K and Grade 4 Lesson Overviews, by filling in the form below!


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Schoolwide Releases the Next Generation of Grammar Fundamentals Available for the 24-25 School Year

The revised product, now available for Grades K-5, includes embedded multilingual supports and a strong emphasis on integrating grammar instruction with authentic reading and writing experiences.

Schoolwide is excited to announce that the next generation of our grammar resource, Grammar Fundamentals: Language Structures & Conventions, is now available for purchasing. Materials will be available to ship over the summer of 2024.


Standout features of the newly revised units include:


  • Intentional and accessible lesson design in color
  • Embedded supports and scaffolds for multilingual learners and learners with diverse needs
  • Appendices with Spanish cognates and tips for Total Physical Response (TPR)
  • Authentic literature that creates opportunities for students to experience listening, reading, and thinking like a writer
  • Additional foci on different sentence types, sentence formation, composition, structure, and sentence form
  • Implementation models and suggestions that are flexible to different classroom needs
  • And so much more! Learn more here. 


Download lesson samples for Grade K and Grade 4. 


Flexible Implementation


The units offer accessibly designed lesson formats that give teachers the flexibility to embed grammar learning directly in writing instruction, or create an effective and manageable integration of grammar skills into an already established literacy block. 


Grammar Fundamentals is uniquely designed to supplement core literacy resources in a way that embeds the skills and strategies within real reading and writing experiences. A variation of lessons and student practice opportunities can be used in a 2-3 day per week model, for a range of 15-30 minutes per day. This provides teachers with an intuitive, flexible plan for implementing grammar learning, even when limited time is available within the literacy block. 


Grammar Teaching and Learning for Multilingual Learners


Brand new to the revised edition of Grammar Fundamentals is the inclusion of Multilingual Learner supports and scaffolds created by experts in the field of bilingual and special education. The supports include linguistic and nonlinguistic strategies that guide and complement instruction, help to create differentiated learning tools, provide translations, and embed high-impact visual anchor charts within each lesson, as well as demonstration notebook models to support teachers. Schoolwide’s approach to Multilingual scaffolds was focused on two primary goals: creating instruction and content that is accessible and ensuring ample opportunities to support oral language development


Schoolwide is partnering with schools and districts in an early adoption program to gather insights on different classroom use cases for Grammar Fundamentals, and we look forward to sharing our findings. 

The revised Grammar Fundamentals Kits (with Mentor Texts) can now be purchased by any interested school or district. Learn more here, and please contact our Sales team for more details and samples. 

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