Webinar Recording: “Ask the Creators” All About Grammar Fundamentals

We’re so excited to share the next generation of Schoolwide’s grammar resources, Grammar Fundamentals: Language Structures & Conventions.


Check out our Q&A recently hosted with the creators and product leads, Pat Pollack and Rory Cohen. In this, you’ll learn about:


* Why we created the next generation of Grammar Fundamentals

* Our standards-aligned strands

* Our new lesson design

* Implementation models for Grammar Fundamentals

* Supports & scaffolds for Multilingual Learners

* Types of assessments available

* Additional FAQs


Watch the intro below and get access to the full set of recordings (playlist).

Webinar Recap (Replay & Presentation): Creating a Community of Writers


Watch the webinar replay and download the presentation below!


On Thursday, February 1st, Schoolwide National Senior Director of Professional Learning Partnerships, Pat Pollack, was joined by three inspiring educators to talk about their journeys in building a community of writers in their schools and districts.


Brad Worrell, Grade 5 Teacher for Devonshire Elementary School, Melissa Llano, Director of Curriculum & Instruction for Franklin Park District 84, and Stephanie Drake, Principal of the Washington School, District 75 Mundelein, all shared their perspectives and distinct insights about the important components of creating a sense of community around writing instruction, and how to create the environments and teaching practices that encourage students to see themselves as authors. Watch the replay above to hear their stories and experiences! 

Webinar: “Students as Writers” – Creating a Community of Writers

We’re excited to host an upcoming webinar “Students as Writers”: Creating a Community of Writers on Thursday, February 4th, 2024.


Register for the webinar here >  >


More about the webinar:


One of the best ways to inspire students to believe that there is a writer inside of them is to surround and immerse them in experiences of others’ writing – whether that be through mentor texts or examples of other student writing. During this webinar, educators will learn about the power of developing a true writing community – one that learns, analyzes, discusses, and celebrates different forms of writing together – and the positive outcomes this has on student writing. 


The session will answer questions like:


  • How do we, as leaders and educators, create an environment where students see themselves as authors and writers? In effect, changing our mindset from “teaching writing” to “nurturing writers”. Hear about real examples from our partners!
  • How do the themes of community, identity, and goal-setting contribute to student learning and growth as writers?
  • How does an effective, collaborative writing process enable students to become confident in the process of crafting their own pieces of writing? Learn about Schoolwide’s writing process, including the important focus on, and first stage of Immersion and “reading like a writer”. 
  • What does success look like? Hear from our partners about their experiences!

The Science & Art of Teaching with Decodable Texts: Webinar Replay


Watch the webinar replay and download the presentation below!


On Wednesday, May 3rd, Schoolwide hosted our webinar “The Science & Art of Teaching with Decodable Texts”. In the session, Schoolwide Educational Director, Rory Cohen dug into “the science” of decodable texts and early literacy phonics instruction, and led a detailed walk through of a scope and sequence example. She also guided attendees through “the art,” including the selection criteria for decodable texts and how to support students before, during, and after their reads using Schoolwide’s latest exciting product – Decodable Texts Teaching Plans.

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