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NYC ShopDOE & FAMIS: Phonics & Foundational Skills Resources

Schoolwide supplemental resources for phonics and foundational skills are now available to purchase through NYC’s ShopDOE/FAMIS


Vendor: Schoolwide, Inc.

Vendor #: SCH195000

Contract #: 7000963


NYC educators can now access our Decodable Texts Teacher’s Guides and Foundational Footsteps Phonics Skill Builders series by searching “Schoolwide, Inc.” on ShopDOE.


Learn more about these resources.


Schoolwide offers a range of engaging supplemental resources for phonics and foundational skills that give teachers the differentiated instruction opportunities needed most in the important stages of emergent reader development. Our resources easily align with any core ELA instruction or phonics program, including SIPPS, Really Great Reading, UFLI Foundations, and Fundations. 


With the increased focus on the Science of Reading in classrooms, we’ve thoughtfully designed a set of supplemental resources to bring specific science-based skills and strategies to life, particularly in support of small-group, tier 2 intervention, and independent and partner reading and practice. 


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