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Schoolwide’s Decodable Texts & Teaching Plans

To support students in effectively applying phonics skills, we have combined expertly curated decodable text collections with corresponding instructional teaching plans. Our goal is to give teachers the language and strategies students need to practice, build confidence, and reinforce learned skills with decodable texts, while helping schools bring the Science of Reading into classrooms effectively. 


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Collections Curated by Experts, Backed by Research

Our collections of decodable texts and teaching plans for Grades K-2 are carefully curated and sequenced to help students apply phonics skills to given texts. 

By choosing Schoolwide’s curated collections, teachers can confidently answer:

  • Do my decodable texts include ample opportunities to practice new and previously learned, targeted phonics skills?
  • Do my decodable texts include language that is both literary and familiar to my students’ speaking and/or listening vocabulary?
  • Do my decodable texts follow a research-based progression of phonics skills?
  • Are my decodable texts engaging and visually appealing for beginning readers?
  • Do my decodable texts effectively supplement my core phonics curriculum?
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What does teaching decodable texts look and sound like?

Our Decodable Texts Teaching Plans are Easy-to-Use, Instructional Roadmaps

Each plan is built to provide students with explicit and scaffolded opportunities to practice phonics decoding skills. Plans include:

  • A set of Text Characteristics:
    Target decodable words, based on focus phonics skill and grade-appropriate high-frequency words.
  • Text Challenges to listen for and respond to during instruction.
  • Prior, During, and After the Read routine:

    A book introduction that guides students by modeling and drawing their attention to focus phonics skills when decoding, with recommended language to remind students of the strategies they will use when reading the text.

    Prompts for during the read to scaffold independent application of phonics and word-recognition skills.

    Detailed After the Read “Responding & Reinforcing” section, including word-solving and word-learning strategies to revisit based on your students’ needs.

  • Additional Independent/Partner Practice activities and texts to extend learning.

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When and How to Use Decodable Texts

We work alongside teachers to plan their classroom reading and instruction time effectively, integrating decodable texts and small-group instruction into new and existing literacy instruction blocks.

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A Comprehensive and Systematic Approach Designed to Support the Reader’s Entire Journey

We believe that during the earliest stages of a reader’s journey, it is essential to establish positive attitudes towards reading and empower students to read with confidence and independence. 

Our goal is to help teachers not only guide and advance student reading capabilities, but more importantly, to engage the whole reader in joyful reading experiences.

Learn more about Schoolwide’s Professional Learning programs that support a sustained approach to new literacy practices and instruction. 


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