Partners for Progress

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Introducing Schoolwide’s
Partners for Progress Plans

Our annual professional learning plans are collaborations built on the individual objectives and needs of each partner. They are available for all levels of educators.

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Let’s go on the journey together . . . 

We understand that not all journeys look the same. Whether you are reimagining your literacy initiatives, building new capacities, or bridging community and classroom connections, we will co-design a plan that best supports you.

The vision driving our annual plans is grounded in Pillars for Progress—identified with you and customized to your goals. The focus may be on:

  • Connections and growth inside and outside the classroom
  • Educator knowledge enrichment for specific roles or groups of learners
  • Specialized literacy expertise
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main components of the partners for progress program

Track and measure growth

We are here to support you throughout the year, staying connected to track your plan as it unfolds, measure growth, and refine your vision.

We offer plans with varying levels of in-person and virtual support. Most important, we are your partners for progress. We are invested in every stage of your professional learning journey.

All Partners for Progress plans include:

  •  Immersive on-site kick-offs
  •  Professional learning cycles of in-person and virtual programming
  •  Total access to Schoolwide digital learning platform, Fundamentals Unlimited, including 24/7 technical support
  •  365-day virtual office hours, to provide expert support 

Enrich your professional learning to cultivate vibrant environments that fuel a deeper love of learning.

At Schoolwide, we believe that consistent, ongoing, and focused professional learning experiences can unlock limitless potential in educators and have a positive and lasting impact on students.

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