Professional Learning

The Schoolwide Professional Development Team is a K–8 literacy educational consultancy, whose members work collaboratively to innovate ways to help educators learn best. For almost two decades, Schoolwide has partnered with schools and districts across the country to promote highly effective literacy practices that positively impact student learning and growth.

Our specialties include supporting schools and districts to launch, and successfully implement, Schoolwide’s Reading and Writing Fundamentals, and Foundational Skills, literacy curriculum. However, the use of Schoolwide’s literacy materials is not a prerequisite.

Additionally, we specialize in strengthening best teaching practices, namely whole-class literacy instruction, small group guided and independent practice, and whole school or district literacy leadership.

Our professional learning services include:

Workshops, Institutes, and Courses (available on-site and/or virtually)

Coaching and Modeling (for literacy coaches and classroom teachers)

Specialized Literacy Leadership Services (for District and School Administrators)

Schoolwide’s approach to professional learning is not one-size-fits-all. We welcome the opportunity to learn and understand your specific goals and needs, form a trusting relationship, and establish a comprehensive and responsive plan that achieves results.

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Workshops, Institutes, and Courses

  • Introductory Kickoff
  • Genre Units: Implementing fiction, nonfiction, and poetry units with rigor and confidence
  • Content Literacy: Integrating literacy instruction with science and social studies content
  • Small Group Work and Responsive Reading Instruction
  • Conferring and Assessment Integrating
  • Foundational Skills instruction within a comprehensive literacy program
  • Vocabulary Instruction


Workshops, Institutes, and Courses

  • Introductory Kickoff
  • Genre Units: Implementing narrative, informational, and opinion/argument units with rigor and confidence
  • Conferring and Assessment
  • Analyzing Student Work
  • Deep Study of Craft
  • Stretching Our Teaching Repertoire in Writing
  • Finding Additional Opportunities to Publish
TRANSFORMATIONAL LITERACY LEADERSHIP Workshops, Institutes, and Courses Designed to support school and district leaders in their efforts to work collaboratively with staff and community to achieve a high level of literacy for all students.
  • Building Schema: Developing readers and writers
  • Engaging all stakeholders in a learning and growth process
  • Gathering and analyzing evidence of teaching and learning
  • Driving coninuous improvement

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